Faiaz Seddiq

Posted on January 30 2019


At Rugs a million we understand that purchasing a new rug for your home is an investment and you want your investment to last for as long as possible in the same condition as when you first brought it home. A good Rug Protection service will protect your rug from the trials and tribulations of everyday life and those moments where the kids will just be 'kids'.

ARMOUR Rug Protection (available in QLD from Premier Rug Cleaning) is a fantastic product that's applied to the rug immediately after purchase. It's designed to repel water and oil based stains from every day activities. It provides a protective coating over the outside of the rug fibres. This creates an invisible shield of protection, therefore minimising the likelihood of stains causing permanent damage to your investment.
Some of the great benefits that you will notice when you protect your newly purchased rug include:

  • Long lasting protection for up to 3 years or the first clean
  • Your rug will stay cleaner for longer
  • Vacuuming will become more efficient
  • You will be able to treat stains easily
  • Combined with our recommended spot cleaner and spotter, you will be able to remove most household stains
  • When your rug is professionally cleaned, you will be able to see the benefits of using ARMOUR RUG PROTECTION


  • The use of a professional rug cleaning company is always recommended for the cleaning of your rug
  • Professional cleaning of your rug is recommended every 12 to 36 months and is dependent on the amount of foot traffic to your rug
  • Some acid based and dye stains are not guaranteed to be removed
  • Always treat stains immediately and DO NOT rub or scrub at a stain. Always blot gently at the area

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