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      Persian rugs or handwoven rugs are beautiful traditional style rugs all woven by hand to create magnificent long-lasting floor rugs that are strong and can be as interesting as they are attractive, typically these rugs were woven in Middle-Eastern countries, but other styles originate from Asia and other parts of the world. Some owners of Persian rugs will accept no others as they become so attached to the beauty and stories behind the pieces they own. Buying a Persian rug for your home will provide you with a beautiful enhancement to the décor of your room, as well as a talking point with your friends. (Hint: When you buy one, spend some time looking for the human errors in the weaving, they're never perfect!)

      Note: These items listed below are not Authentic "Persian Handmade Rugs" but are hand made. As soon as we have true Persian handmade rugs we'll update the page.

      Atrium Barker Bleach Rug Atrium Barker Bleach RugOn Sale
      From $129.00 $199.00
      Atrium Barker Navy Rug Atrium Barker Navy RugOn Sale
      From $129.00 $199.00
      Atrium Tutti Multi Rug Atrium Tutti Multi RugOn Sale
      From $89.00 $199.00
      Atrium Barker Green Rug Atrium Barker Green RugOn Sale
      From $129.00 $199.00
      Atrium Barker Pink Rug Atrium Barker Pink RugOn Sale
      From $129.00 $199.00