Size Guide

Living Room Rugs

A living room rug can define living areasand unite seating furniture. Choose fromround, square, or rectangular rugs. Thewidth should match or exceed that of thesofa, but ideally be 15-25 inches wideron each side.

Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom rugs create cosy accents and help keep your feet warm when you get up. The rug size depends mainly on the bedroom size, but the width of the bed is also crucial when choosing a rug.

Dining Room Rugs

A dining room rug should be chosen inaccordance with the size of the diningtable so that the dining area is framed.Flat-woven, such as a sisal rug, suit thispurpose best - they allow the chairs toslide and allow easy access to the diningtable.


The dimensions of the room should dictate the size and shape of a hallway rug. However, it is of utmost importance that the front door remains easily accessible. You can calculate the optimal size for your hallway rug with a simple rule of thumb before you buy: Subtract about 1.20 meters from the length of the hallway. There should also be about 15-20 cm of space to the sides so that the rug does not "rub against" something. Avoid placing furniture on the hallway rug to create a harmonious, inviting entrance area. Sisal and jute as well as synthetic fibre rugs are ideal for a busy hallway.