Questions to Ask

Important questions you need to ask...

What will happen to this rug with wear?

How easily will it stain?

Does it attract fluff?

How easy is it to vacuum?


We have answered some questions for you... 

Will it fluff? Some will some won't. Some will more than others, some will for a while and then stop.

Will it flatten? Some will some won't. Sometimes that doesn't matter. They can still look good.

Will it shade (watermarking)? This usually occurs with very plain, plush pile rugs. It is where the rug can change colour in certain parts and not others. You often see it in plain carpets in large commercial areas. In some rugs it is unavoidable.

Will the pile pull out? Sometimes they do. Slippery threads, like rayon, in modern shaggy rugs  have some fibres that will pull out. This is normal and unavoidable in many cases.

Will the dye transfer? In 99% of moderns rugs the dyes are extremely 'fast'. However in some Persian rugs, older vegetable dyes are used and colour fastness cannot be guaranteed.